Sunday, December 29, 2013

S1 E13 of Good Shabbos Nebraska - Musical Legend Lenny Solomon

This week we have the great privilege of having the one and only LENNY SOLOMON as a guest on Good Shabbos Nebraska.

Lenny Solomon is probably one of the greatest living legends in the Jewish Music scene today.  He has recorded over 30 albums and has probably performed in more Jewish communities throughout the world than any musician other than maybe Shlomo Carlebach and Yossele Rosenblatt.  

Lenny was in Omaha almost 20 years ago and for the last ten years I have been anxiously waiting for an opportunity to bring him back.  

Thanks to Good Shabbos Nebraska, and some generous sponsors, he's is coming back!

We have had some amazing episodes this season, but this one looks like it may be our best episode yet!  

Come early this week because we are going to fill up quickly!  If you come at 10 there may not be a seat.  

We are going to open the doors to shul at 7:00 am on Shabbos morning but people can start lining up any time after midnight on Wednesday night.  

You do not want to miss this amazing episode of Good Shabbos Nebraska!  This and every Shabbos at 10am ONLY at Beth Israel Syangogue - where every shabbos is a shabbaton!