Wednesday, October 19, 2011

quiz questions for Bereishit

This Shabbat we are starting the Torah anew with parshat Bereishit!  I hope everyone at Beth Israel comes prepared to answer the quiz questions this week.  Quiz Questions will be answered after the haftarah and answers will be posted after Shabbat.

Accroding to Rashi...
1. Why does the Torah start with the creation of the world? (1:1)
2. What inconsistency does Rashi notice in 1:16?
3. Why does Hashem say, "Let us make man" in the plural? (1:26)
4. Why does Hashem ask Adam "where are you?' when He clearly knows where he is?  Who else did Hashem ask similar questions to? (3:9)
5. When Hashem spoke to Kayin, why did he say your brother's bloods in plural?  What does Rashi answer? (4:10)
6. What historical role did Naama play? (4:23)
7. How did Noach bring rest to his generation? (5:29)


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