Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quiz Questions for Parshat Noach

According to Rashi...

1. As a Tzadik how did Noach rate when compared to Avraham? (6:9)
2. What sin is implied by the word "hamas?"  What is Rashi's source? (6:11)
3. How long did it take Noach to build the ark?  Why so long? (6:14)
4. Why did Hashem wait an extra seven days before bringing the flood? (7:4)
5. What hardships did Noach endure during the flood? (7:23)
6. Why did the people decide to build the tower of Bavel?  (11:1)
7. How did Avraham's brother Haran die? (11:28)
8. Who was Yiskah? (11:29)


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