Monday, December 5, 2011

Vayishlach Rashi Questions

According to Rashi...
1. What kind of messengers did Yaakov send to Esav?  (32:4)
2. What did Yaakov imply when he told Esav "I sojourned" with Lavan?  (32:5)
3. What two contingencies was Yaakov afraid of?  32:8)
4. Where was Dina during the encounter with Esav?  Why?  (32:23)
5. Why did Yaakov leave his camp in the middle of the night?  (32:25)
6. What was Rivka's nurse Devorah doing with Yaakov?  (35:8)
7. Why was Mehetavel's grandmother named Me-Zahav?  (36:39)