Monday, January 16, 2012

Rashi Questions for Va'eira

According to Rashi...

1. What is a kal vachomer?  What kal vachomer is used in this week's parshah?  How many kal vachomers are found in the Torah? (6:12)
2. What does this week's parshah teach us about making a shiduch? (6:23)
3. Why did Pharoah go to the Nile in the morning? (7:15)
4. Why did Hashem bring the plague of blood first? (7:17)
5. Why did Moshe tell Aharon to perform the plagues of blood and frogs? (7:19)
6.  Why did Aharon perform the plague of lice? (8:12)
7. Why couldn't the magicians perform the plague of lice? (8:14)
8. Which plague was equal to all the others combined? (9:14)