Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The 10 commandments according to Rashi

According to Rashi...
1. Why did Hashem introduce himself as "The God who took you our of Egypt" rather than the God who created the world?
2. If God's aspect of punishment is 'x' what is his aspect of kindness?
3. What is an example of taking Hashem's name in vain?
4. Besides "Guard" and "Remember" the Shabbat, give an example of two contradictory things that Hashem said simultaneously.
5. How does one "remember" the Shabbat?
6. How can you do all of your work in six days?
7. What Kal Vachomer is taught in the ten commandments?
8. What kind of theft is referred to by "don't steal?"  How do we know?


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