Friday, May 4, 2012

The Second Dolhinov massacre part 2

This morning at minyan I showed Zelig the picture that I was given yesterday.
He immidiately identified himself, his father, and his sister in the picture.  He also told me the names of some of the other survivors. 

His wife, Mindel, also a survivor of Dolhinov, was not in the picture.  (their families knew each other before the war.  They met each other again and were married in a DP camp after the war)
Zelig did not know why she was not there.  In fact Zelig did not even remember the picture being taken.

I turned the picture over and before he read one word he exclaimed, "that is my father's writing!"
He skipped to the end of the card and saw his father's name.

I gave him the card to keep and he was very grateful.

Every day after davening I try and get Zelig to tell one of his stories and I record them on my iphone (thank you Steve Jobs!).  What a great privilege it is to be able to daven with him every morning!!! 

This morning he told an amazing story about how he saved a little girl when he was in the underground.  I have attached it here.

Once again, I strongly encourage any one who knows any survivors of the shoah to record as much as you can. You will never regret it,


  1. Fantastic story, it gave me the chills!

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