Friday, June 29, 2012

Rashi Questions for Chukat

According to Rashi...

1. How will the nations of the world react when they learn about the mitzvah of Parah Adumah? (19:2)
2. Why was Aharon's son given the mitzvah of Parah Adumah rather than Aharon? (19:3)
3. What does the word "morim" mean? (20:10)
4. What made the sin of the rock worse than other times that Moshe sinned? (20:12)
5. When did Moshe recommend that the bnei Yisrael stop eating the mann? (20:17)
6. Why did every house of Israel mourn for Aharon? (20:27)
7. What did the Canaanite king hear before he attacked? (21:1)
8. How many captives did the Canaanites take from us? (21:1)