Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rashi Questions for Ki Tetze

According to Rashi....
1. What will be the consequence of marrying an eshet yifat toar?  (21:11)
2. Why do we kill the ben sorer umoreh?  (21:18)
3. What kal vachomer do we learn from the mitzvah of shooing the mother bird?  (22:6)
4. How is a fence like a bag?  (22:8)
5. Where does the word "shaatnez" come from?  (22:11)
6. How can you prevent getting tzaraat?  (24:9)
7. What do we call a criminal after he has received his punishment?  (25:3)
8. How was Amalek "cool?"  (25:18)


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