Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rashi Questions for Shoftim

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According to Rashi...

1. In what manner were the officers expected to enforce the laws of the judges?  (16:18)
2. How does one pursue tzedek?  (16:20)
3. How many wives can a king have?  How do we know that?  (17:17)
4. How many torahs does a king have to write?  (17:18)
5. What is a diviner?  (18:10)
6. What did Ov practitioners do? (18:11)
7. How were roads prepared for the cities of refuge? (19:3)
8. How does the Torah spare certain soldiers from embarrassment?  (20:8)
9. Why do the leaders have to declare, "our hands have not spilled this blood?" (21:7)