Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Save a Kosher Bird!!!

Rabbi Chaim Loike is the Orthodox Unions's expert on Kosher birds.  In his research he found that the Philby Partridge, indigenous to Northern Yemen, is subjected to unrelenting hunting pressures.

These birds are not found in zoos and their population is dwindling rapidly.  

Rabbi Loike is their only chance of survival.  He has already acquired a small flock, which he intends to start raising. His goal is to raise a sustainable captive population of these birds to prevent them from becoming extinct!

All the money goes to the birds!!!!

The money raised will be used to pay for food, vitamins, and equipment needed to breed and raise these birds. If the opportunity arises we will also purchase more foundation stock to diversify the gene pool.

All that is needed is $5,000!!!

$5,000 can save an entire species from extinction!!!

Here is the link to his website.

Please consider donating and passing this along.  Hopefully we can raise this modest sum and save the Philby Partridge.



  1. If we don't save these kosher birds now, they will face extniction like Dodo birds.
    Rufael Mulugeta

  2. Is the world suffering any ill effects because of the extinction of the Dodo bird?

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