Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Surprise Guest for this Week's Episode of GSN!

Sunday begins the The 26th Annual Klutnizk-Harris Symposium at Creighton University.  
Every year Creighton University brings in scholars from around the world to discuss assorted topics in Jewish culture.  This year the theme is Wealth and Poverty in Judaism.

The Klutznik symposium is always a great event for our Jewish community.  And every year Beth Israel has an added benefit as if there are any Shabbos observant scholars they usually stay with us for the shabbos before the symposium.  
This year we are honored to host the renowned scholar Meir Bar Ilan from Bar Ilan University.  

Professor Bar Ilan is a veteran of the 1982 Lebanon War lost a limb in battle.  He has an incredibly illustrious academic career and has published well over 100 scholarly articles for major Jewish publications.  

He has graciously agreed to be a guest on Good Shabbos Nebraska - America's Favorite Shabbos morning talk show - and he will give a lecture after kiddush.

He is a wealth of information on so many different topics including:
  • Witches in the Bible and in the Talmud
  • Magic in Judaism
  • Astrology in Ancient Judaism
  • Prayers to Angels and other intermediaries
  • Numerology in Judaism
  • Children's Games in Antiquity (I wonder if they had hungry hungry hippos)
  • Fabulous Creatures in Ancient Jewish Traditions
  • Exorcism by Rabbis
  • Monsters and Other Mythological Creatures in Jewish Folklore
  • Chess in Judaism
And over 100 other interesting topics!  Reading his resume was like reading a book.  This is really going to be an incredible Shabbos.  The hardest part is going to be deciding what topics he should speak about.  

I am taking requests.  Any suggestions?