Saturday, December 28, 2013

S! E12 recap


Today was an incredible episode of Good Shabbos Nebraska - America's favorite Shabbos morning talk show!!!

Our scheduled guests were the Potash Twins.  They are identical twin brothers Ezra and Adeev from Omaha.  They are an up and coming Jazz sensation that are taking the New York city Jazz scene by storm.

They were great.  Any one can tell that these guys are going places.  Besides being great musicians, they both have incredible engaging personalities.

We spoke about being Jewish in the entertainment world.  What are some of the challenges that being Jewish presents, but they also mentioned that it opens some doors.  Traditionally the Jazz scene has not had so many Jews, but the Potashes told us that Israelis are heavy into Jazz and at any given Jazz show in Jew York there is strong Israeli representation.

They spoke about how having Hebrew names has also been something that has worked for them rather than against them.

But we also had a surprise guest today.  We had Gershon Lerner, a shochet from Gibbon Nebraska staying with us for Shabbos.  He came on as a guest and told us all about the shechitah process and the life of a chasidic shochet in the middle of Nebraska.  It was fascinating.

After Kiddush Gershon did a Q and A about schechitah and people stayed for an hour as he fielded a barrage of tough questions about the kashruth industry and about kosher different kosher standards for meat.

it was an amazing episode.  I am going to bring Gershon back at some point to do a whole episode on shechita.

Next week is the last episode before the mid winter hiatus.  We have a star studded line up including the legendary LENNY SOLOMON!!  Lenny is probably the greatest Jewish musician of our time.

He will be accompanied by Etan G - the original Jewish rapper!  I have not seen Lenny and Etan G perform together in at least 20 years!!!  It is going to be a shabbos to remember!
You don't want to miss it!!!


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