Sunday, December 29, 2013

S1 E13 - Mid Season Special!

This week is the final episode of Good Shabbos Nebraska before our mid season hiatus so we are going out with a bang!  We have an incredible line up of some of the best talent in Jewish music today!

Headline our Shabbos extravaganza is the ONE AND ONLY LEGENDARY LENNY SOLOMON!

I cannot believe we got Lenny for Shabbos.  He is touring the US and he called me and told me that he wants to appear on Good Shabbos Nebraska! 

Coming with Lenny is his protege, the original Jewish Rapper - Etan G!  Here's the controversial clip where Etan G was kicked off of the chabad telethon in LA for his provocative song Motzi!

Also on the show this week we have Beth Israel member, singer song writer Karen Javitch.  Karen hosts a radio show in Omaha and she is a youtube sensation!  Her song in the nursery has received over 5 million hits from people all over the world!

Also on the show this week, is my cousin Seth.  Seth was a child prodigy, he has been playing the keyboard since he was about 3 years old.  At 12 years old he performs with his father in the Avi Maza orchestra, and he is a finalist in the international competition "Jewish Kids Got Talent."
Here's a clip of Seth playing some Jazz.  This kid is really incredible!
It is going to be an unbelievable Shabbos! 

Friday night Lenny is going to lead us in an inspiring Friday Night dinner and teach us some hits off of his latest Album, "Shabbos in Liverpool." 

Shabbos we are going to have an incredible episode of Good Shabbos Nebraska.

And After Shabbos Lenny is going to rock the house - Shlock Rock Style!

It all begins Friday at 6pm ONLY at Beth Israel Synagogue - where every Shabbos is a shabbaton!