Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rashi Questions for Shmot

According to Rashi...
1. Why did the Torah list the names of Yaakov's sons again? (1:1)
2. What happened to the Pharaoh who knew Yosef? (1:8)
3. Who were the two Jewish men who were fighting? (2:13)
4. How did Moshe kill the Egyptian who was beating the Jew? (2:14)
5. Why was Moshe tending his sheep in the desert when he saw the burning bush? (3:1)
6. Why did Hashem make Moshe's staff turn into a snake? (4:3)
7. Who did Moshe feel was more appropriate to be sent to Pharaoh? (4:13)
8. What did Pharoah mean when he told Moshe and Aharon to do back to "their" work? (5:4)


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