Friday, March 9, 2012

Rashi Questrion for Ki Tisa

According to Rashi...
1. How did Hashem illustrate the shekel for Moshe? (30:13)
2. How much anointing oil did Moshe make?  What hint does Rashi find for this? (30:31)
3. What three words of wisdom does the Torah use and how do they differ from each other? (31:3)
4. What does the word 'Shabbaton' imply? (31:15)
5. What does the word 'litzachek' imply?  (32:6)
6. When Moshe asked to see Hashem's glory, what did Hsahem show him?  (33:18)
7. Why is the prohibition about cooking meat in milk mentioned three times in the Torah? (34:26)