Sunday, September 23, 2012

What is Jewish about the Beatles?

Tonight the Beatles played a sold out show in Omaha for the Jewish community.
Well, not exactly. A Beatles cover band performed for the federations annual dinner.
The meal was completely kosher - supervised by the Omaha Vaad HaKashrut.
The event was reasonably priced.
The entire Jewish community was invited.
And there was no solicitation. It was purely an event to being the community together.

Leading up to the event there were two concerns that people asked me - as a rabbi.
1.) is it appropriate to do the event between rosh hashana and yom kippur?
And 2.) shouldn't a Jewish event have more Jewish content?

In answer to both of those questions, I believe the Jewish content was the fact that the event is during the high holidays.

600 Jews filled the room. We have not had an event like that in many years here in Omaha. That is 10% of our community. There is an energy in the room that everyone feels. People are remembering how great it is to be part of this community. I believe this will remind people where they belong for yom kippur and sukkot.

I think all events should be held around the holidays.  The Jewish content is the timing and the event is simply a way for us to celebrate the holidays together. As a community and as a family.