Thursday, October 4, 2012

Double Siyum in Omaha

Today was a double siyum!

Daf Yomi completed massechet brachot, the first installment of the new cycle.

Also, our Thursday morning class just finished the book of Yirmiyahu.

Sacred Ground - the affectionate title of our class that features Torah and freshly ground coffee - has been meeting every Thursday for the almost 8 years.  We started out with the book of Yehoshua and instant coffee.  Since then we have completed Yehoshua, shoftim, Shmuel, Melachim, Trei Assar, Shir Hashirim, Esther, Ruth, Daniel, Ezra, Nechemia, and now Yirmiyahu.  We also have upgraded to freshly ground coffee made in our amazing new coffee makers.

Yirmiyahu was really challenging.  We have been studying it for about 9 months.

I think we are going to move on to Mishlei for our next challenge.

May we continue to move through the books of Tanach and may Hashem bless us all with good health to continue learning together for many years to come.