Tuesday, October 15, 2013

AIPAC Shabbos on GSN - Featuring Dr. Jonathan Adelman

This week is AIPAC Shabbos on Good Shabbos Nebraska - America's Favorite Shabbos morning talk show!
Our guest this week is Dr. Jonathan Adelman.
Dr. Adelman is no stranger to Omaha or Beth Israel.  He has been a featured speaker here many times in the past for AIPAC, and last year he was the keynote speaker at Beth Israel's annual AIPAC Shabbos.
Dr.Adelman, a full professor at the Josef Korbel School of International studies at the University of Denver, has written or edited 12 books on Russia, China and the Middle East, with specialty in security studies, foreign policy and revolutions.  He was the doctoral dissertation supervisor for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and he worked for the US State Department in India, China, Russia, Japan, Mongolia, England, France and Germany.

Dr. Adelman has lectured at the American Embassy in Beijing and Shanghai to think-tanks of the Chinese government. He taught at the Diplomatic Academy in Moscow, Central European University in Budapest and People’s University in Beijing. He founded and ran both the China Center and the Israel Center at the University of Denver for four years.
He briefed the Chief of Naval Operations Executive Panel on northeast Asia security issues, he was sent by the US State department on international speaking tours to countries ranging from Japan, China, and India to Russia, Germany and Spain, and he has lectured at universities ranging from Harvard, Columbia and Cambridge, to the Air War College and Chinese National Defense University (Beijing).
Having been around the world, it was an exceptional compliment when Dr. Adelman personally expressed that his Shabbos in Nebraska was one of the most memorable Shabboses that he can remember.
Every episode of Good Shabbos Nebraska features exciting speakers who bring their knowledge and expertise to the subjects of the weekly Torah portion.  This week we will read about God's decision to bomb the wicked city of Sodom and Abraham's objection to the use of force as innocent civilians may be put in harms way.  This is the exact same conversation that is taking place today regarding Syria and it will be interesting to hear Dr. Adelman's expert opinion on the Torah and on current events.

Every year Beth Israel leads a delegation to the AIPAC policy conference in Washington DC, this year on March 2 through March 4.  AIPAC representative Jessica Millstein will also be joining us for Shabbos and she will tell everyone how they can get a significant discount on the price of policy conference.
So join us this and every week on Good Shabbos Nebraska, every Shabbos at 10 am ONLY at Beth Israel where every shabbos is a shabbton!