Tuesday, October 15, 2013

November 2 Polygamy Shabbos on Good Shabbos Nebraska

About 6 months ago I signed Rabbi Dr. Moshe Goldfeder on as a guest for an episode of Good Shabbos Nebraska - America's favorite Shabbos morning talk show.

Rabbi Dr. Goldfeder is an extraordinary scholar.  He has his semicha from Yeshiva University and then received a higher form of semichah called Yadin Yadin that makes him qualified to be a judge on a Jewish court.  He has a law degree from NYU -one of the top law schools in the country - and then received a masters and a PhD in the intersection between law and religion from Emory university.  

His doctoral dissertation is titled Chains of Love in Law; Re-Imagining American Polygamy in Light of Recent Developments in Family Law.

He is going to talk to us about modern movements in America to gain acceptance for polygamous relationships.  People think that polygamy is an archaic practice, something found only in ancient times, or perhaps among fringe groups in America.  

Dr. Goldfeder is going to discuss polygamy in the weekly Torah portion, and how the Torah and the Jewish community has viewed polygamous relationships from Biblical times, through the ages, and in modern times.

Every Shabbos Good Shabbos Nebraska confronts contemporary issues - bringing in leading experts to discuss front page stories.  

Every week Good Shabbos Nebraska features exciting guests, always something different, bringing viewers an engaging and contemporary Torah learning experience.  

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